Big Ideas for Landscaping Trees

Big Ideas for Landscaping Trees

The garden is one of the best place to de-stress and relax. The best because nowhere else can we exercise our freedom to design using nature’s own palette.
And there is no other natural object that can surpass the grandeur of trees. The outdoors will be a comfortable extension of your abode with big landscaping trees.

To add height and depth to your garden, plot a few landscaping trees to your design. Landscaping trees add shade and act as barriers to prying eyes. Landscaping with trees not only adds more beauty to a garden, it also stretches your creativity. When plotting landscaping trees, not only should you consider aesthetics. The needs of the trees should also be taken into account. Luckily for homeowners, there are a lot of landscaping trees ideas around today that cover the tree’s requirements.

Before delving into maintenance, homeowners should begin by choosing the best landscaping trees. There are countless of landscaping trees to choose from, but if you have a generous garden it would be best to go big. Bigger landscaping trees promote a better atmosphere for your garden and home. Here are the best trees for landscaping a big garden:

Oak Trees

On average, oak trees are 60 -100 feet, but they can grow more. A characteristic of oak is its flared branches and a widespread crown. Oaks bear acorns, which are staples for squirrels. Landscaping trees which have an expansive branch system like the oak look best as a centerpiece in gardens.

Maple Trees

Maple trees are narrow trees with rounded crowns. They can grow between 60-90 feet. They are appealing as landscaping trees because their leaves turn a beautiful red during autumn. Maple trees add color to gardens, and add a great contrast to heavy clumps of greens.

Elm Trees

Elm trees can grow up to 125 feet. They have long slender trunks with an umbrella-shaped crown. Because of its height, elms are a great background for other landscaping trees. Elms are also ideal when planted close to the house; their leaves give a great shade without blocking the windows.

Pine Trees

Pine trees are towering sentinels at 80-100 feet. Their crowns are broom-like in appearance, and are not as dense because the needle-shaped leaves. As landscaping trees, pines look best in clumps, and form a beautiful border to your garden.

Sycamore Trees

The sycamore has bulky, irregular crowns and can grow up to 100 feet or more. Sycamores are great centerpiece landscaping trees, and can dress up bare front yards. Sycamore trees turn a soft shade of yellow in autumn, and can add a dash of color to the greens.

There are more landscaping trees to choose from. Now that you have a basic understanding of popular landscaping trees, it’s time to choose which one you want to plant.

Landscaping trees require tremendous effort, but the rewards are innumerable. Put your creativity to the test and try plotting various landscaping trees when you have a big landscape project in the way