Home Landscape

In any home landscaping project, few people have the luxury of a blank canvas. And no doubt, this is also true of you.

Unless you’re moving into a new property, the land around your house has been landscaped already. It may not be the way you want it, but there probably is grass, of a sort, a few flower beds and maybe the odd tree.

And I imagine that if your yard looked exactly the way that you wanted it to, then you wouldn’t be searching for tips on how to make it look better.

So, I’m assuming that you would like to make some changes to your home landscape but you’re not sure where to start.

Before actually starting out on you home landscape project you must think about the answers to the following questions.

Home Landscape questions:

What is the purpose of landscaping your home?

Why do you want to change the way your surroundings look?

Why does it matter?

Unless you’re working from home, or retired, you probably don’t have the time to appreciate your property anyway. And if you live in a colder climate, during the darker months, it’s unlikely that you can see what’s there in any case.

Perhaps you think that a few flowers here and there would make your property a bit more attractive to your neighbors.

Maybe you feel that your property looks a bit barren and that a bit of landscaping would add some interest to it.

Maybe you want to sell and you want to put your property into the best possible light.

Some people grow trees, shrubs, climbing roses just to cover some unsightly object, such as a garden shed or power pole.

Whatever your reason, you need to have a clear idea of why you want to change the way the land around you looks because, if you do, then you’ll be in a better position to determine what you should include, and what you ought to leave out.

A Beautiful home landscape doesn’t happen accidentally. It is carefully planned before the first shovel of dirt is dug.

I don’t say that to scare you. I only want to make sure that you are able to make the best start and avoid wasting time and money.

The planning of your project is the most important part because it determines how much time will be devoted to maintenance.

I should tell you that although the structure of the landscape that you design probably won’t change very much once you put it in place, but the planting, mulching, and weeding, will always remain a work in progress.